Printing Art

Corporate Style - design and development. Printing materials.

Printing Art

Corporate style
Logos development for companies
Booklets, leaflets,
flyer, brochures
Business cards, calendars
Making-up of books, magazines, catalogs
Posters, billboards
Folders, packing, branding
Consultations and recommendations, training

Math is easy, design is hard...

As designers at heart, we are loaded with unique and creative ideas. Our creative brainstorming will help you with branding and the right choice of corporate identity. We provide custom built solutions ranging from business card and logo design to advertising concept and corporate video animation. Our designing capabilities don't stop here. We can design any product in 3D software, moreover, our technical monsters are proficient in most of CAD programs and can develop ready to manufacture and realistic products in Autodesk Inventor or Solidworks. Truly speaking, as far as design is concerned, there is no limits here. Truly speaking, as far as design is concerned, there is no limits here.

Each project is individual. The cost of development of printing products pays as $20 for 1 hour of clean work-time.

Corporate style from 200 $
Logos development of companies from 40 $
Booklets, leaflets, flyer, brochures from 40 $
Business cards, calendars from 60$
Imposition of books, magazines, catalogs from 4$ for page
Posters and billboards from 50$
Folders, packing, branding from 50$
Prepress from 20$
Consultations and recommendations Free!
* final cost is formed when requirement specification approved and obtained.